About Us

About Us…

Hi Everyone! We are Jim & Barb Cochran and we moved to Spring Hill TN from Southern California in 2003. We came out to visit family in Lewisburg and fell in love with Middle Tennessee… Within a few months of our visit we were calling Spring Hill Home!

Jim is a MCSE, (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) with 20 years experience in everything from Networking, Servers, testing to Break-fix. He believes in treating people the way he would want to be treated & giving excellent service at a fair price.

Barb is a creative web designer. She’s designed over 500 websites to date. Barb also believes in giving excellent customer service and a quality product.

Our Certified Techs are the best in Middle Tennessee!


The Family

Kensie is has more energy than 4 dogs combined and lives to play ball, eat ice and get brushed. She is a great exercise companion too. She was raised with the Dachshunds and she likes to pretend she is one sometimes. Don’t let her fool you though she is a really good watch dog with a really big bark.

Bailey is the one that likes things calm and she’ll let the other dogs know if they are getting too rowdy. She truly rules the house! She loves everyone and loves coming to the shop to visit all her people. Of course everyone that brings a computer in is really coming to see her :o) She likes to play ball so much she will sit in the middle of the back yard. refusing to come in the house… until you play catch. Like I said… she’s the boss and rules the house.

In Memory of:

Bentley 2005 – 2015

Bentley, on right (Bailey on left)… loved Everyone especially his toys… He loved to shred stuffed animals and bark at the neighbor dogs…. He stole my heart and was my shadow. Wherever I went in the house you would find Bentley. In his final days I stayed by his side and he knew how much he was loved.  I miss him so very very much! We will see each other again some day Little Buddy!

Bentley loved everyone and was afraid of nothing.

Molly – 2003 – 2011 Taken way too soon!

It is with Great Sadness and heavy hearts that we had to suddenly and far too early say Good-by to Molly on Christmas Eve 2011
Molly was Always eager to please… in California she LOVED the pool, she loved to swim and then she’d run in the house through the doggy door and soak the hardwood floors! When we moved to Tennessee she was beside herself with such a big yard and room to run and RUN she did… she loved running and playing ball in the back yard. She would jump and twist and flip over backwards to catch the ball and then she’d run it right back to you so you could throw it again! She loved to run up and down the fence with Roxie – the dog next door! If the other dogs didn’t come in when called we just had to ask Molly to “bring them in” and she’s run out and herd them to the door.. she was always so proud of herself every time! Cancer claimed her life just before her 9th birthday.

-1991-2008 We miss you old girl!Our first, “Sadie” had a rocky start in life. She was a rescue in 1992. when we got her she was matted, filthy had just had a litter of puppies and she was deathly ill with Parvo… it took a good 6 months to nurse her back to health and then she lived a long and happy life. Sadie loved to be “the Mom”. When our daughter was a baby we didn’t need baby gates… if she tried to crawl out of the living room Sadie would herd her right back in! Sadie loved to go for car rides and stick her head out the window. She loved going to Nani’s house so much that she stayed there the last few years of her life. The two of them were inseparable and they loved going for long walks.